OrangeDog Images: Blog en-us (C) OrangeDog Images (OrangeDog Images) Sat, 29 Apr 2017 02:47:00 GMT Sat, 29 Apr 2017 02:47:00 GMT OrangeDog Images: Blog 120 95 Telling your love story, without saying a word. Have you ever stopped to consider what you’re going to do with your wedding photos after the wedding is over?  Other than the handful of images that you post on social media, what purpose do all those lovely pictures have?

We’ve spoken to so many couples that received their photos from their photographer and immediately put them aside to deal with later.  They get busy living their lives and the photos never make it out of their storage spot.  Years go by and those images sit there and collect dust.

We totally get it.  That’s why every wedding we photograph includes a gorgeous, handcrafted album.

book-25book-25 book-8book-8

Imagine:  Your album comes in a lovely presentation box.  You lift the lid and pull out your book.  As you turn the pages, you start to relive every precious moment all over again.  You remember how nervous you got while you were getting dressed, how your faces looked as you saw each other that first time, and your tears while you danced your very first dance as a married couple.  You fall in love all over again.

book-12book-12 book-11book-11 book-24book-24  

Paging through my album never fails to make me teary eyed.  It always reminds me why I got married in the first place.  And as the years have gone by, some of the people I love have passed away.  There they are in my album, looking happy and helping me celebrate one of the best days of my life.

We feel strongly that each of our happy couples deserve to have something tangible and meaningful to take away with them when the wedding is done.  It's one of our favorite jobs to carefully craft an album that will tell every couple's love story to them and their loved ones for generations to come.

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Destination Engagement Photos Engagement pictures are often treated as a check-in-the-box on the wedding planning checklist.  Please, don’t do this!  Engagement pictures can be so much more fun, and more memorable!


There seems to be a split among the interwebs about whether or not engagement photos are worth it or “gag worthy”. It can be easy to dismiss the idea of engagement shoots are a waste of time or self indulgent, but I promise you engagement sessions can be so much more.


Not everyone is used to being in front of the camera for more than a quick selfie (or four because let’s admit it no one looks good in that first on ;) Having an engagement session lets couples work out those camera nerves and also gives you insight into how your photographer operates.  This even more important if you hire a team of photographers (like us!), since having multiple cameras at different angles can make even the most camera comfortable couples need a minute.


Engagement sessions are more relaxed than the pictures taken on your wedding day.  Wedding days are packed with a huge range of emotions, people and vendors who are all competing for a moment of your limited time. Even if you are the most careful of planners, weddings can fall behind schedule and often it’s the photography time that gets squeezed.  Having an engagement sessions not only gets you comfortable with your photographer, but gives your photographer an understanding of how your relate to each other as a couple.  It helps us build your wedding story visually and lets us quickly plan photos that illustrates your personalities.


More than that, engagement photography can highlight a specific place that has meaning to you as a couple.  Your wedding photos have meaning because they tell the story of your wedding, while engagement pictures tell the story of you. Picking the place you met, your first date, or your favorite city allows you and your photographer to showcase a larger part of your love story without worrying about timing or having other people interrupt. It is a lot more fun and much more relaxed.


If you are camera shy, but you, your partner or you both, really want beautiful wedding photos - don’t skip the engagement shoot.  It will help you get used to both the camera and the photographer. You will be much more comfortable when your wedding rolls around because you will know what to expect.


The most overlooked aspect of engagement photography are destination engagement photos! This is actually a thing and it happens in two ways.  First, before you were engaged you had planned a vacation of some sort.  Take advantage of your travel plans and book a photographer at your destination before you leave. Doing this lets you get some amazing vacation photographs from a local photographer who might take you somewhere you wouldn’t have otherwise visited.  


The second is by booking a little vacation with your photographer.  We did this with a couple who’s favorite city is San Francisco. It is their favorite city and their favorite weekend get away.  We took them around the city for a two day photoshoot and had so much fun.  By the time their wedding came around they were very comfortable in front of the camera and knew exactly what to expect.  They even used one of their engagement photos as a wedding sign in!

Don’t skip the engagement photos.  Use them to conquer your fear of cameras and take them to the next level by planning a special shoot with your photographer.  Skip the local park and find a place that means something to you - even if it’s your own home.

San Fransisco Buena VistaBuena Vista EngagmentHaving famous Irish coffees at the Buena Vista in San Fransisco. Trolly Car EngagementSan Fransisco TrollyPosing on a trolly car in San Fransisco Destination engagement in San FransiscoAT&T Park EngagementAT&T Park in San Fransisco Engagement session Baker's Beach San Fransisco EngagementBaker's Beach EngagementEngagement Session on Bakers Beach as part of a destination engagement session. Bakers beach San Fran SunsetSunset at Baker's BeachEnjoying sunset at the beach in San Fransisco San Fransisco Golden Gate BridgeSan Fransisco FogOverlooking the bay bridge in the fog. San Fransisco Palace of fine ArtsPalace of Fine Arts at NightAfter Dark at the Palace of Fine Arts Presidio National ParkPresidioThis was taken in the Presidio in San Fransisco Looking over the cityOverlooking the cityAfternoons in San Fransisco SF EngagementEngagement in San Fransisco IMG_1726Giants EngagementEngagement with their favorite team! IMG_1863Night on the PierEngagements at night on the San Fransisco Piers IMG_1909Palace of Fine Arts San FransiscoBeing sweet in front of the SF Palace of Fine Arts IMG_1923IMG_1923 IMG_1952Battery Spencer Overlooking the San Fransisco Bay Bridge from Battery Spencer

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Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful locations in the world to get married.  The alpine lake is beautiful all year round, boasts spectacular views and has a little something for everyone, from luxury hotels to the viking-esq setting of Vallahala: 

South Lake TahoeValhalla, Lake TahoeA wedding inside Valhalla at Lake Tahoe South Lake TahoeValhalla, Lake TahoeA wedding inside Valhalla at Lake Tahoe

You might know you really want to have your wedding at Tahoe but picking a location can be difficult.  The best place to start is to decide what kind of reception you'd like.  Do you want an all night dance party or an intimate dinner?  Deciding how you want to celebrate your marriage can help narrow down the different types of wedding venues all over Tahoe.  Bonus: This also helps you decide how big of a guest list you want. Next, start compiling a list and compare the wedding venues to your budget.  Even if they don't initially line up, remember having your wedding off season or on a Friday or Sunday can save you a lot of money.

Wedding Reception Chart HouseChart HouseReception at the Chart House at Lake Tahoe D&D-0062Zephyr Cove Resort WeddingWedding ceremony on the beach at Zephyr Cove Resort, Lake Tahoe



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Sunset and Smoke smokesmoke


During a recent wedding at June Lake, a forest fire started not too far from where the ceremony was to take place. The fire, called the Owens River Fire, is estimated at about 6,000 acres and 20 percent containment as of today. We expected that we were going to have to be evacuated from the area at any time. As this photograph shows, the setting sun lit up the smoke incredibly. Big congratulations to Katie and Ryan.

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San Francisco Engagement Session IMG_1621IMG_1621 We photographed our first Destination Engagement session in my beautiful home town of San Francisco. 

When Shaylynn and AJ proposed this idea to us a few months back, we thought about it for a total of one second. There was no way we could say no to a fun and lovely couple, a chance to wander the streets, and a chance to hang out in The City.

The weather was perfect and the crowds were small. AJ's only requests were a shoot at AT&T park wearing their Giants jerseys and sunset on Baker Beach. Done and done!

Although it was difficult to narrow it down, here are some of my favorite photographs. Peace.

IMG_0331IMG_0331 IMG_1785IMG_1785

IMG_1863IMG_1863 IMG_0443IMG_0443

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Engagement Session Locations It certainly feels a lot like Spring! As the warm weather rolls in we often see higher requests for engagement sessions.  One of the most frequently asked questions we get is "Where should we go?" Well, it depends. Engagement pictures should be fun, and tell a story about the couple.  You could schedule your shoot where you first met or your favorite place:

EngagementEngagement at UNR

Maybe you both have a shared love of hiking and adventure,

Sunset Lake TahoeKiss me on a MountaintopSunset engagement session at above Chimney Beach at Lake Tahoe

or perhaps you want to capture your engagement the moment it happens!



When narrowing down possible locations there are some considerations in order to make the most of your shoot.  Time of day is probably the most important. We like to shoot either early in the morning or later in the evening.  The sun is far too strong during the middle portion of the day to take pictures comfortably, especially around Reno and areas without shade.  Pedestrian traffic can be a nuisance at popular beaches and parks, especially if there are special events happening at the same time as your shoot.

Weather is only a consideration if you don't like to be in it.  Otherwise stormy skies, rain and snow can make amazing pictures, just make sure your outfit matches the weather.  If you want a snowy picture than sleeveless shirts and shorts may stand out in a negative way.

Engagement-2Engagement-2 Engagement-3Engagement-3 Engagement-7Engagement-7

Clothing choices are up to you, but it is best to stay away from loud patterns and neon colors. Also out of trend are matching outfits.  If you are in doubt we can help you choose.

Engagement sessions are a lot of fun and a great way to get to know your photographers.  If you tend to be camera shy than we highly encourage an engagement session so that you'll be less nervous on your wedding day. We offer beautiful engagement books that are perfect for sign-in guest books at your wedding, or as a compliment to your wedding album. Engagement session images also make wonderful printed or digital Save-the-Dates and photo invitations.






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Happy New Year everyone tris-200tris-200

We would like to thank everyone for all the help and support this year.  We exceeded our expectations for our business for 2015, thanks to all our wonderful clients.  It's always so satisfying to be able to capture the emotion and beauty of a single moment.  We appreciate every single couple for allowing us to share their special day.  We look forward to new and exciting things in the coming year, and expect some epic photos for 2016.  Thanks and best wishes from Kacie, Catie, and I.

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Lindz & Chad's Wedding at Tahoe Paradise Resort Schryer-114First Look                                                                         From the First Look



It’s always an honor to be asked to photograph a wedding, but it’s an extreme honor when you’re asked to photograph the son of friends that I photographed 19 years ago!

I’ve known Chad from before he was born and have seen him grow up to be a quite a man. When I met Lindz, Chad’s fiancé’, I knew this was going to be a fun and memorable ceremony. 

The wedding and reception were held at Tahoe Paradise Resort in Meyers Ca. Nice places for a party, beautiful scenery, and open space.

This was also a chance for me to see some old friends and get caught up after 20 yrs. 

Schryer-216Schryer-216To The First Kiss                                                                 To The First Kiss












The day turned out so nice,some clouds came rolling in and cooled things off nicely.






First dance.

Schryer-445Schryer-445 Schryer-461Schryer-461





Schryer-564Schryer-564 Congratulation to both of you.           peace.


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Rainbows and Thunderstorms at a Ranch Wedding The entire week leading up to this wedding we worried about the weather.  The forecast called for temperatures to be in the triple digits and a nearby wildfire was sending all of it's smoke into the valley.  This sort of weather is miserable for everyone involved; the guests, vendors and the Couple. It's even worse when the ceremony is held in the middle of a grassy field without any sort of shade. Luckily the weather took a turn for the worse ;)

It was hot when the day started, but as soon as the ceremony time started approaching, huge storm clouds began their approach.

Country-Wedding-0056Country-Wedding-0056The groom built the beautiful birch arch.

As the guests arrived it became darker...


and darker as the wedding party arrived...


Lightning started flashing in the distance followed by low rumbles of thunder just as the bride arrived in her horse drawn carriage.


The lightning and thunder picked up during the ceremony but the couple only laughed it off.


The ceremony continued on as the storm approached.  At this point guests started nervously laughing with the couple as the lightning and thunder grew closer.


Then, just as the couple exchanged vows a rainbow formed behind them.


And, no joke, the cows in the field next to us starting making all sorts of noise - and then you could hear them running. The couple started walking down the aisle as Husband and Wife and this strong wind swept through the fields:

Country-Wedding-1168Country-Wedding-1168 Country-Wedding-1170Country-Wedding-1170 Country-Wedding-1172Country-Wedding-1172

Just as they reached the end of aisle it started to rain torrential downpour!


This amazing couple could have cared less.  Instead, like the scene of a movie, the Groom swept the Bride up in a hug and spun around as they kissed in the rain.

Country-Wedding-1175Country-Wedding-1175 Country-Wedding-1177Country-Wedding-1177 Country-Wedding-0391Country-Wedding-0391 All the guests were running for their cars and the wedding party ran into a nearby tent to wait out the rain.



During the storm the caterer's tent blew over (thankfully everything was fine and dinner was only a few minutes late), and three small fires were started on the mountains you see above. The rest of the night it rained on and off but was beautiful.  We were even gifted with more rainbows and an amazing orange sunset!

Country-Wedding-1426Country-Wedding-1426 Full rainbow at ranch wedding. Full RainbowRainbow at a ranch wedding near Reno, Nevada Country-Wedding-0620Country-Wedding-0620 Country-Wedding-0625Country-Wedding-0625

While most brides would worry about this type of weather it often makes for the best memories and photography.  Check out the photos below for some glimpses at the spectacular details and planning that went into this unforgettable wedding.

Country-Wedding-1310Country-Wedding-1310 Country-Wedding-1246Country-Wedding-1246 Country-Wedding-0416Country-Wedding-0416 Country-Wedding-1215Country-Wedding-1215 Country-Wedding-1228Country-Wedding-1228 Country-Wedding-1230Country-Wedding-1230 Country-Wedding-1213Country-Wedding-1213 Country-Wedding-1212Country-Wedding-1212 Country-Wedding-0156Country-Wedding-0156 Country-Wedding-0127Country-Wedding-0127 Country-Wedding-0941Country-Wedding-0941 Country-Wedding-0709Country-Wedding-0709

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Ashley and David engagement session Life just continues.

One way to notice life is getting away from you is watching your kids starting on their own life’s journey.

I’m fortunate enough to be able to capture these moments of change with my camera, as was the case recently when I was asked to do some engagement photos of a girl I have watched grow up with my daughter since 2nd grade. Wow I’m getting old. engagement photos-15engagement photos-15

engagement photos-64engagement photos-64

Ashley and David, with their pups, let me have the privilege to capture some awesome photos at Rancho San Rafael yesterday.

engagement photos-49engagement photos-49

Yea, anytime you schedule photography outside it’s going to be cold and rainy, but on the plus side no one else will be out there in your way.





Congratulations to Ashley and David…peace  engagement photos-77engagement photos-77

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10 Questions for Reno Limos  
When planning a wedding a lot of things are obvious; the wedding attire, the location and of course the limo! Your wedding day is the one day you shouldn't worry about driving yourself (and your spouse!) anywhere.  Hiring a limo can sometimes be a daunting affair.  There are a lot of companies to choose from and poor service or a dirty limo can really put a damper on the day.  We were able to talk to Reno Limos and Lake Tahoe Limousine, two different companies with the same owners, about how to hire a limo, what to look for and when the best time to book is.
1.  How did you get started?
This company was started after the owners dealt with unsatisfactory service from local rental companies.
2. What are some things people should know when they rent a limo for a wedding?
When you rent a limousine for your wedding, there are a couple of things you're going to want to know. First, you're going to want to ensure the company actually owns their vehicles. You can ascertain this by calling and asking to come view the vehicles before putting down a deposit. When you put down a deposit, be sure to read the contract carefully to ensure you understand the potential damage charges.
3. How far in advance should someone book you?
The wedding season is the busiest in the entire year, so be sure to rent as far in advance as possible. Some couples decide to rent a year in advance.
4. Are there any misconceptions about booking a limo?
Yes! Many people believe that renting a limousine is much more expensive than it actually is.
5.  What makes you different from the other companies in town?
You will find that we pay careful attention to providing the best service. We go above and beyond to bring you the latest and greatest in amenities to ensure your night out is one to remember.
6. What's the easiest way to gracefully, and photographically exit a limo?
Ideally the bride would have the hand of someone to support her to make it as graceful as possible. Posing goes a long way!
7. Besides transporting the bride and groom, are there any other wedding services you provide?
We offer some wedding tips throughout our wedding guide on our events page.
8. How affordable is a limo rental?
A limousine rental is something that shouldn't break the bank! At the same time, a very cheap price tag may come with cheap service, so you want to reach a middle ground. The best way to find an affordable, trustworthy service is to check out reviews!
9. When couples are getting ready to make the reservation for a limo, what should they consider?
Be absolutely certain that you consider the amount of passengers in the limousine. With wedding attire, you're going to want as much space as possible. Many people don't know that state departments of transportation often set the allotted space for each passenger, and it's usually something ridiculous like 14 inches.

10.  What is your favorite part of being involved in someones wedding?

We love being able to make the wedding day go a bit smoother!

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National Dog Fighting Awareness Day From the ASPCA web site

Get Tough In honor of National Dog Fighting Awareness Day (NDFAD), we’re asking animal advocates across the country to help us Get Tough on dog fighting. This brutal form of animal cruelty occurs in every part of the country and in every type of community, and it must be stopped. We’re working to eradicate dog fighting by assisting in raids and rescues alongside law enforcement agencies and by advocating for stronger laws and sentencing for those who commit this terrible crime. But we can’t do it alone—we need the support of animal advocates like you.

me1-2Tristan GetTough_Digital-Sticker (1)GetTough_Digital-Sticker (1)



Anyone who loves dogs or animals in general should get a kit and help spread the word that dog fighting is not permissible in our society.

Dog fighting is something that the whole OrangeDog family feels strongly about.  Tristan's good buddy Bosco was rescued from the fighting world, and carries the scars.  Even the OrangeDog himself has faced discrimination, mainly due to the damage that dog fighting has done to mar the pit bull breed.  Both Tristan and Bosco are kind and gentle family dogs, despite mistreatment and abuse.  Please join with us and the ASPCA to end dog fighting!!



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10 Questions for Avec Amour Events We recently had the opportunity to chat with Molly and Jessica, owners of Avec Amour Events.  While they are based out of NYC, they work with clients on both coasts.  Wedding planners make wedding planning look easy, and these girls make it seem effortless.  They will make your wedding The Event your guests just can't stop talking about. 

  1. What inspired you to start Avec Amour Events?

We always had a passion and skill for planning events but it wasn’t until we each planned our own New York City Wedding that we realized we wanted to take our skill to the next level.

While traveling together in city of love we were inspired by the passion, culture and romance of Paris. It was here that we realized that it was time to pursue our passions, explore and hone our talents, and summon our collective energies to create Avec Amour. We thought, Avec Amour (with love), would be the perfect name to describe what we put into every event we create: love.

  1. Tell us about the different kind of services you offer.

We offer three different Wedding planning packages. However, we often customize these packages to create something that works for each client.

  • Wedding Planning Services:

    • Full service

    • Month of wedding coordination

    • Initial Wedding Jump Start

  • We also specialize in planning more intimate events such as:

    • Bridal showers

    • Baby showers

    • Dinner parties

    • Birthday celebrations

    • Anniversaries

    • Engagement Party

    • Corporate Events

    • Fundraising events

  1. What should potential clients expect when working with you?

  • We strive to provide our clients with a one of kind experience

  • We work closely with our premier vendors to take our clients ideas and make them into a reality.

  • There is constant communication between us and our client as well as keeping the client in the loop of our discussions with vendors.

  • We create visually stunning and stylish events.

  • We bring new creative ideas to every event, we constantly think “outside of the box.”

  • We like to think of ourselves as not only playing the role of event planners but also that of friend, mentor, therapist, and a shoulder to lean on.


  1. Your events are bright, colorful and really fun. How do you work with work with your clients to make their events come to life?

During our initial consultation we ask very specific questions which allow us to really get to know our client. We believe that every event should be an expression of our client, which is why we take the time to get to know them and come up with an event that reflects their personality. We do not alter our clients’ ideas, but rather we strive to complement and enhance their dreams and expectations. We take our clients’ ideas, add our creative skills and experience, and make those dreams a reality.

  1. A lot of couples think that unless they have a huge budget event planners are going to be unaffordable. How can couples on any budget benefit from the expertise of event planners?

We maintain close relationships with vendors and are able to get the best price possible for our clients. We help couples save time by sifting through the never-ending list of wedding vendors and recommend those who will be a good match for their budget. Utilizing us and our resources saves couples a huge amount of time and money. Couples can easily feel overwhelmed by all of the options but we are there to steer them in the right direction. The most important thing that we can do for a bride and groom is provide them with peace of mind.  Hiring a wedding planner will make the planning process stress free and that is priceless!

  1. What is your advice to couples who are feeling "over-inspired" from all their ideas on Pinterest?

Our best advice comes from our favorite fashion guru, she once said:

"Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory." —Coco Chanel

The same concept can be applied to couples “over-inspired” by pinterest. You never want to overdo anything, it best to stick to ONE idea and run with it.

  1. Looking at 2015 what trends are you seeing in NYC that you are really excited about?

Each year we notice new trends emerging not only in wedding planning but in fashion as well. This year we are really excited about how couples seem to be opting for a more “traditional,” feel for their weddings. Recently, we attended a WeddingWire conference where Monte Durhan (Say Yes to the Dress, Atlanta) spoke about how brides are shopping for traditional dresses with a modern twist. We’ve seen this carried out in all aspects of Wedding ceremonies and receptions. Brides are putting a modern twist on the traditional wedding color palettes. They are choosing various shades of white and ivory and adding a pop of color like fuchsia or marsala (2015 color of the year). In 2015, we have also seen a lot of greenery. Brides and florists are opting for ivy, smilax, and magnolia leaf as table runners and chair décor, which adds a minimalist yet classic touch. Couples have also been going nuts for Farm-to-table dining. Locally sourced and seasonal fare is a must these days. Brides are ditching the typical fondant wedding cake and going with the traditional butter cream icing. Some brides are scrapping the wedding cake all together and opting for pies, macaroons, and doughnuts. The couples we work with have a solid sense of individualism and want their weddings to be a reflection of their own personality. We love to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and find ways to incorporate these trends into our clients’ events.

  1. What one thing should every modern wedding have, and what one thing could you do without?

Every modern wedding should have seating arrangements. Even the most laid back wedding can benefit from having assigned seating. This makes it easy for the guests to quickly get seated when the dinner portion of the evening begins.

One thing a modern wedding can do without is the garter/bouquet toss. While it can be fun, it takes up time and doesn’t let all of your guests participate.

  1. Weddings take a lot of time and because of that you are only able to take on a limited amount of clients a year. If someone is on the fence about hiring you what one thing should they know?

The one thing that sets us apart from a lot of wedding planners is that we are two for the price of one! Both of us work hand and hand on all of our projects. We are able to offer our clients different perspectives and ideas. Our different styles and skills created great chemistry! The fusion of our efforts, talents and personalities make us a vibrant and formidable duo in the event planning industry.

  1. East coast and west coast events differ a little bit from each other. What is your favorite thing about weddings on each coast?

Our absolute favorite thing about a west coast wedding is the weather! No matter the time of the year (and of course depending where you are) the weather makes for a great day and there is always an option for an outdoor wedding year round!

To go back to what we said above about how we love traditional weddings, The East Coast does a great job of keeping it traditional especially in NYC where we are located.



Thank You so much to Molly and Jessica for taking the time to answer our 10 Questions.  You can learn more about them at their website

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Faith Alive Food Pantry and His Closet Sometimes I discover that I have not been appreciative of all the good things in my life.


Recently we were asked to do some photos for a brochure intended to get more donations for a very worthy cause. We donated a few hours of our time to take some photos for the Faith Alive Christian Center (FACC) Food Pantry and His Closet.

All the members donate their time setting everything up and handing out much needed nourishment and clothing.

Thanks to Mike and Terry for giving us the chance to help those who need it.




































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Paola, Diego and little Santiago are expecting!  

I love when I get to capture a family during one of the most exciting times in their life…expecting a new baby! I was so excited when Paola asked me to photograph their second pregnancy. I also met their first child, Santiago, how adorable their little guy is, SO HANDSOME!

Paola had talked to me about some ideas she had come up with and I had some ideas I wanted to try out. After bouncing some of them off of each other I was able to create what I think are some of the best maternity pics I have ever been privilege to photograph.  It’s so much fun for me during these sessions when a couple trusts me in making them look good and natural.


I can’t wait to be able to photograph the new addition to their family!


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Dream Bridal Show, Sacramento


This past Sunday we exhibited at the Dream Wedding Show in Sacramento, California. It was a huge wedding show, 5 buildings packed with exhibitors. We brought the OrangeDog himself, Tristan, to help us great everyone! Tristan was so wiped from the show he didn't even make it out of the parking lot before falling asleep!

There were lots of inquiries about Tristan "Pupcedo".  It was hand crafted by Arla Designs.  Tristan's tux is really well made and was very comfortable for him, even after 5 hours of wear. 

We met lots of great couples and vendors! We want to give a shout-out to Icing on the Cupcake in Rocklin, California. They make some of the best cupcakes we've ever run into. I took some home with the full intention of making some cute cupcake photos. They didn't even make it to dinner.

We are starting to receive more and more inquiries every week for bookings this year. If you haven't reserved your date yet, but are thinking about choosing us I recommend contacting us soon! We've already have had to turn down multiple weddings because we were already booked!  It is downright gloomy having to tell couples we are already booked, so please make our lives a little brighter and reserve your date today!


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The OrangeDog in his tux  


Tristan’s tuxedo has finally arrived!

Here he is sporting his tux along the banks of the Truckee River and feeling very important.

The OrangeDog is preparing for his debut as our mascot in the upcoming Dream Wedding Bridal Fair.

A big thanks to Arla Designs for the awesome job of making a one of a kind tuxedo.

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10 Questions for Dax Victorino We love photographing weddings. Photographs document all the planning and people that made your wedding special.  Photographs fail, however, to capture the voices and movement of your wedding.  Sometimes you don't want to just see your wedding, you want to hear you vows and see that special moment when they pronounce you "Husband and Wife", or "Wife and Wife" Or "Husband and Husband"

One of our favorite vendors in the Tahoe area is Dax Victornio Films.  Dax is a very talented film maker who brings your wedding to life with soulful videos that capture the energy, emotion and life of your wedding day in a way that still images just can't do.  If you are looking for a wedding video than check out


We sat down with Dax to talk about his work and what makes him so amazing about what he does.



1. You and your wife are transplants to the Reno area. Tell us a little about yourselves, where you’re from and how you met.
We were grade school classmates turned best buddies turned married couples back in the Philippines.

We are both of artistic and musical backgrounds, so it’s a natural decision to combine our skills together to make a difference in our own way through wedding films.


2. Your films are so beautiful! No one else in the Reno or Tahoe area does anything like you. How did you get into cinematography?

Aww thank you guys!

We actually have the worst memories, and because of that we are obsessed with documenting moments whether it’s through visuals (painting, photography - Pao is a visual artist) and audio (music - Dax is a musician).

Cinematography, for us, is a dynamic combination of those things we love and the fact that we can create motion pictures that impact lives makes it the sweet spot for us!

Dax, initially a corporate event videographer, was the first to pursue wedding cinematography after being inspired by a Filipino wedding film team, Threelogy. He didn’t think a stranger like him would cry and laugh with a couple’s film and with this he sought to have the same emotional effect to not just his couples but also other people as well. Pao begun doing post production work for Dax while they were on a long distance relationship (Dax migrated 10 years earlier in the US than Pao), and quickly caught on the wedding film making bug!


3. What attracted you to start filming weddings?

We are attracted with the impact of a wedding film done right can actually enhance a married couple’s relationship and even strangers’! We made it our mission to make sure we take our couples and viewers into a cinematic journey so they can re-experience their promises to each other to carry them through the ebb and flow of marriage.  


4. What common misconception about wedding cinematography do you hear most often?

That it’s the snazzier name for wedding videography and it brings to mind the horror stories of cheesy videos of the old.


5. What is the difference between a cinematographer and a videographer?

For us, in reference of film industry terms, a videographer operates a camera for the goal of coverage. A cinematographer or the director of photography by contrast, utilizes a variety of visual techniques to tell a story.

6. Besides the quality of work, what is the most important aspect in hiring a cinematographer for a wedding?

Definitely knowing if you have a chemistry with your film team. If you don’t feel like being yourself with your cinematographer, that awkwardness will show on the film.

With that in mind, we advise engaged couples to set up an in person meeting with their chosen cinematographer to see if you’re all a good match.


7. When your clients book you, they are really getting something much more than just a film of their wedding. They are getting something really special, and it's unique to them. Can you describe the experience your clients have when working with you?

I think this one will be better explained by one of our brides, Chaz. Here’s her blog post:


8. Because of the amount of work you put into each wedding film, you are only able to take on 12 clients a year. If someone is on the fence about hiring you versus your average videographer what one thing should they know?
That we care greatly about not just your wedding, but also your marriage. We do that through investing time getting to know you and creating a film that authentically showcases your essence as a couple.


9. From your perspective, what makes your films so much better than others that are being made in this area?
Each of our colleagues have a different styles of their own and have different set of clients they work best with. We don’t think our films are better, but we are the best for the couples that are our perfect fit.

10. Clients can choose to upgrade their package to an amazing heirloom that preserves not just their film, but an entire sensory experience. Can you tell people about this treasure and how you came up with it?

We wanted to go beyond giving them DVDs that would gather dusts somewhere; we want something that they’ll be proud to display on their favorite rooms and open as many times as possible. We wanted to also make it easy and fun for them to re-experience their day together, or with everyone else they love through not just sight and sounds but also through touch and smell.

This is our next best thing to a time machine for our couples.



Thank you to Dax Victorino for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. You can see Dax's videos and contact information here.



Kacie & Martin

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Merry Christmas from the staff at OrangeDog Images Tristan and Bosco would like to wish everyone a peaceful and happy holiday season. 

IMG_0059 copyIMG_0059 copy                                     dogs-66 copydogs-66 copy

And just a reminder, leave the treats for Santa down low, so we may taste them too!

Peace and Joy!

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Doggy Boudoir? We at OrangeDog Images are always on the look out for the next photography trend.

model -2model -2

After much research I discovered there might be a market in doggy boudoir. So what do you think?

Let me know.

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