What Nevada Brides should know

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What Nevada Brides should know

1.      If you are planning an outdoor wedding in summer one thing you should consider, it’s going to be very hot if you opted for a large fancy dress. With the sun reflecting off the lake the temperatures can increase by 5 to 10 degrees.

2.      During the summer months and most of the year for that matter it’s very dry. Staying well hydrated is a necessity. It’s very hard to say your vows when your mouth is dry. Champagne is not a hydrating drink. 109_0902109_0902

3.      Most of the outdoor weddings in this area have one thing in common, wind. Having your hair looking good at the salon may not be the case during the afternoon winds. A tight well-secured hairdo while maybe not your style will look better in photographs. It’s very hard to see your lovely face with hair blowing across it.

4.      Assigning someone you trust to make sure the wedding you have envisioned is the wedding you end up with. Discussing the details and order for your wedding should be done weeks before and written down. Your wedding day is going to be stressful as it is; having to worry about every detail is overwhelming.

5.      On the day of your wedding, you want everything to go right. Inevitably though, something goes awry. You left an important piece of makeup or curling iron at home. That’s why having a bridal first aid kit is a must. Your kit should include everything that you would need if you were going to visit a third world country. 100_0015100_0015

6.      You know you are going to look great on the big day, make sure your bridesmaids look great too. When picking out bridesmaids dresses take them with you, have a girls day out. Having any of your ladies in an awful dress for the ceremony is something she will never forget.

7.      I’ve photographed many weddings and inevitably a ceremony gets delayed, why? No one brought the wedding license, without the paperwork, all the stress and money spent will be for nothing. The sayings “IF YOU WANT IT DONE RIGHT DO IT YOURSELF “is appropriate for this one.

8.      Meet with your photographer prior to the event. Making a list of must have photographs is essential so no one is missed. The photographer will know the obvious ones, but if special friends or family are present they might not get photographed.




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