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We recently had the opportunity to chat with Molly and Jessica, owners of Avec Amour Events.  While they are based out of NYC, they work with clients on both coasts.  Wedding planners make wedding planning look easy, and these girls make it seem effortless.  They will make your wedding The Event your guests just can't stop talking about. 

  1. What inspired you to start Avec Amour Events?

We always had a passion and skill for planning events but it wasn’t until we each planned our own New York City Wedding that we realized we wanted to take our skill to the next level.

While traveling together in city of love we were inspired by the passion, culture and romance of Paris. It was here that we realized that it was time to pursue our passions, explore and hone our talents, and summon our collective energies to create Avec Amour. We thought, Avec Amour (with love), would be the perfect name to describe what we put into every event we create: love.

  1. Tell us about the different kind of services you offer.

We offer three different Wedding planning packages. However, we often customize these packages to create something that works for each client.

  • Wedding Planning Services:

    • Full service

    • Month of wedding coordination

    • Initial Wedding Jump Start

  • We also specialize in planning more intimate events such as:

    • Bridal showers

    • Baby showers

    • Dinner parties

    • Birthday celebrations

    • Anniversaries

    • Engagement Party

    • Corporate Events

    • Fundraising events

  1. What should potential clients expect when working with you?

  • We strive to provide our clients with a one of kind experience

  • We work closely with our premier vendors to take our clients ideas and make them into a reality.

  • There is constant communication between us and our client as well as keeping the client in the loop of our discussions with vendors.

  • We create visually stunning and stylish events.

  • We bring new creative ideas to every event, we constantly think “outside of the box.”

  • We like to think of ourselves as not only playing the role of event planners but also that of friend, mentor, therapist, and a shoulder to lean on.


  1. Your events are bright, colorful and really fun. How do you work with work with your clients to make their events come to life?

During our initial consultation we ask very specific questions which allow us to really get to know our client. We believe that every event should be an expression of our client, which is why we take the time to get to know them and come up with an event that reflects their personality. We do not alter our clients’ ideas, but rather we strive to complement and enhance their dreams and expectations. We take our clients’ ideas, add our creative skills and experience, and make those dreams a reality.

  1. A lot of couples think that unless they have a huge budget event planners are going to be unaffordable. How can couples on any budget benefit from the expertise of event planners?

We maintain close relationships with vendors and are able to get the best price possible for our clients. We help couples save time by sifting through the never-ending list of wedding vendors and recommend those who will be a good match for their budget. Utilizing us and our resources saves couples a huge amount of time and money. Couples can easily feel overwhelmed by all of the options but we are there to steer them in the right direction. The most important thing that we can do for a bride and groom is provide them with peace of mind.  Hiring a wedding planner will make the planning process stress free and that is priceless!

  1. What is your advice to couples who are feeling "over-inspired" from all their ideas on Pinterest?

Our best advice comes from our favorite fashion guru, she once said:

"Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory." —Coco Chanel

The same concept can be applied to couples “over-inspired” by pinterest. You never want to overdo anything, it best to stick to ONE idea and run with it.

  1. Looking at 2015 what trends are you seeing in NYC that you are really excited about?

Each year we notice new trends emerging not only in wedding planning but in fashion as well. This year we are really excited about how couples seem to be opting for a more “traditional,” feel for their weddings. Recently, we attended a WeddingWire conference where Monte Durhan (Say Yes to the Dress, Atlanta) spoke about how brides are shopping for traditional dresses with a modern twist. We’ve seen this carried out in all aspects of Wedding ceremonies and receptions. Brides are putting a modern twist on the traditional wedding color palettes. They are choosing various shades of white and ivory and adding a pop of color like fuchsia or marsala (2015 color of the year). In 2015, we have also seen a lot of greenery. Brides and florists are opting for ivy, smilax, and magnolia leaf as table runners and chair décor, which adds a minimalist yet classic touch. Couples have also been going nuts for Farm-to-table dining. Locally sourced and seasonal fare is a must these days. Brides are ditching the typical fondant wedding cake and going with the traditional butter cream icing. Some brides are scrapping the wedding cake all together and opting for pies, macaroons, and doughnuts. The couples we work with have a solid sense of individualism and want their weddings to be a reflection of their own personality. We love to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and find ways to incorporate these trends into our clients’ events.

  1. What one thing should every modern wedding have, and what one thing could you do without?

Every modern wedding should have seating arrangements. Even the most laid back wedding can benefit from having assigned seating. This makes it easy for the guests to quickly get seated when the dinner portion of the evening begins.

One thing a modern wedding can do without is the garter/bouquet toss. While it can be fun, it takes up time and doesn’t let all of your guests participate.

  1. Weddings take a lot of time and because of that you are only able to take on a limited amount of clients a year. If someone is on the fence about hiring you what one thing should they know?

The one thing that sets us apart from a lot of wedding planners is that we are two for the price of one! Both of us work hand and hand on all of our projects. We are able to offer our clients different perspectives and ideas. Our different styles and skills created great chemistry! The fusion of our efforts, talents and personalities make us a vibrant and formidable duo in the event planning industry.

  1. East coast and west coast events differ a little bit from each other. What is your favorite thing about weddings on each coast?

Our absolute favorite thing about a west coast wedding is the weather! No matter the time of the year (and of course depending where you are) the weather makes for a great day and there is always an option for an outdoor wedding year round!

To go back to what we said above about how we love traditional weddings, The East Coast does a great job of keeping it traditional especially in NYC where we are located.



Thank You so much to Molly and Jessica for taking the time to answer our 10 Questions.  You can learn more about them at their website



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