10 Questions for Reno Limos

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When planning a wedding a lot of things are obvious; the wedding attire, the location and of course the limo! Your wedding day is the one day you shouldn't worry about driving yourself (and your spouse!) anywhere.  Hiring a limo can sometimes be a daunting affair.  There are a lot of companies to choose from and poor service or a dirty limo can really put a damper on the day.  We were able to talk to Reno Limos and Lake Tahoe Limousine, two different companies with the same owners, about how to hire a limo, what to look for and when the best time to book is.
1.  How did you get started?
This company was started after the owners dealt with unsatisfactory service from local rental companies.
2. What are some things people should know when they rent a limo for a wedding?
When you rent a limousine for your wedding, there are a couple of things you're going to want to know. First, you're going to want to ensure the company actually owns their vehicles. You can ascertain this by calling and asking to come view the vehicles before putting down a deposit. When you put down a deposit, be sure to read the contract carefully to ensure you understand the potential damage charges.
3. How far in advance should someone book you?
The wedding season is the busiest in the entire year, so be sure to rent as far in advance as possible. Some couples decide to rent a year in advance.
4. Are there any misconceptions about booking a limo?
Yes! Many people believe that renting a limousine is much more expensive than it actually is.
5.  What makes you different from the other companies in town?
You will find that we pay careful attention to providing the best service. We go above and beyond to bring you the latest and greatest in amenities to ensure your night out is one to remember.
6. What's the easiest way to gracefully, and photographically exit a limo?
Ideally the bride would have the hand of someone to support her to make it as graceful as possible. Posing goes a long way!
7. Besides transporting the bride and groom, are there any other wedding services you provide?
We offer some wedding tips throughout our wedding guide on our events page.
8. How affordable is a limo rental?
A limousine rental is something that shouldn't break the bank! At the same time, a very cheap price tag may come with cheap service, so you want to reach a middle ground. The best way to find an affordable, trustworthy service is to check out reviews!
9. When couples are getting ready to make the reservation for a limo, what should they consider?
Be absolutely certain that you consider the amount of passengers in the limousine. With wedding attire, you're going to want as much space as possible. Many people don't know that state departments of transportation often set the allotted space for each passenger, and it's usually something ridiculous like 14 inches.

10.  What is your favorite part of being involved in someones wedding?

We love being able to make the wedding day go a bit smoother!


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