What to do When Wedding Planning Gets Stressful

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It happens to every couple. At some point planning a wedding can get to be too much.  Here’s a few suggestions on what to do instead.


Take a Breather! - Take a moment to forget about the wedding for a moment and focus on why you’re getting married! Have a date night - without talking about wedding - and just relax.


Remember, the Wedding is just one day. Sure, it’s a special day but it shouldn’t be the single best day of your entire life. Otherwise that means no other day in your marriage will be as good as your first - which is of course ridiculous.


The easiest way to control your budget is to limit the guestlist. Unless your a billionaire you can’t have it all. If you’re guest list is as trim as it gets make your wedding less formal. There are tons of deals to be had in the wedding ‘off season’ generally November to March, by having your wedding on a Friday night or Sunday or even just having a morning wedding (Please make my brunch reception dreams comes true!).


Is the guestlist the problem? If you have a set budget and know you’re limited to 120 guests but are stuck at 130 you can try a couple of things. Remove anyone under 18 first. While parents might gripe they will most likely thank you in the end for the date night. You don’t need to invite co-workers, people you have never met before, and anyone you haven’t spoken to face to face in the last two years. You’re also not required to allow guests a plus one. If your parents are wanting to invite friends give them an exact count they are allowed to invite and leave it to them, if they would like to invite additional friends than maybe allow your parents to pay for the additional dinners. If your parents are already paying some or all of the wedding you might have to allow them more control of the guest list.


Have a family member with too much opinion? Give that person a single task that’s all theirs like choosing the deserts or designing the invites (anything that you aren’t really into planning). If they are still All. Over. Everything. Sit down and talk with them frankly. The one caveat is if they are paying for everything. If this person controls the checkbook you may be out of luck.  In this case, choose your battles wisely.


Last, consider hiring a professional wedding planner. Most have lots of different packages, including planning meetings to help put you back on course. Professional wedding planners have seen it all and can help put everything back into perspective and give you some sanity back.



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