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6 Wedding Budget Killers

May 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

For some couples there is a moment of panic and disappointment when you realize that Pinterest perfect wedding costs far more than your budget allows.  Have no fear! Your perfect wedding IS within reach.  Some creative budgeting and out of the box thinking can make your wedding the beautiful event you've been planning.

To help you out here are some of the biggest wedding budget killers:


1.  Having an Open Bar All Night.

It is well known that having a cash bar at a wedding is a little faux pas. Your guests spend a lot of money and time to get to your event and the last thing they should have to do is spend even more at the bar.  That doesn't mean you have to provide an open bar all night.  Instead you can opt to provide an open bar just for the cocktail hour and dinner.  Or you can provide a limited selection of beverages such as your favorite beer and/or wine plus a signature cocktail.  This can dramatically reduce your alcohol costs.


2. Getting Married on a Saturday.

Saturdays have become the most popular day of the week to get married.  As such most vendors are unwilling to negotiate Saturday rates.  However, Friday evening and Sundays can offer a great money saving option.  A Friday evening wedding usually starts later, but can have a much more upscale feel.  An evening reception can be followed by cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, dessert and dancing all night.  Because of the later start time on Fridays, dinner isn't necessary - saving you even more money. If budget allows you can extend your wedding celebration into a Saturday morning brunch.  Sundays can be a very family friendly affair. An early morning wedding followed by a late lunch, lawn games and make your own ice cream sundaes can make for a very intimate family  party.  Martin and Catie's wedding was on a Tuesday.


3. An Out Of Control Guest List.

This can be a very touchy subject for families.  The bigger the guest list, the bigger the cost.  If a parent or other relative wants to invite more people than your budget (or you want) can handle there are a couple of ways to reign the guest list in.  When deciding on a number of guests also decide how many "extras" your parents can invite.  Giving the parents a set number of people, and no more, can help them figure out who is really important.  Explain to them that you can only afford so many people and you want to keep the celebration as intimate as possible.  If your parents still insist on the Dentist and your long lost cousins, ask them to pay for the additional guests.

If you want to avoid the issue completely try planning a surprise wedding.  Plan your entire wedding and invite only the people you want, but don't tell them it's your wedding.  This works best for very small weddings, but can be a lot of fun. 


4. Not Buying In Season Flowers.

You may have dreamed of having lilies in February, but out of season blooms can cost much more than in season.  Work with your florist to find budget friendly blooms that still reflect your style.  If your dead set on having a specific bloom in your bouquet or boutonniere , do a complimenting - but cheaper - flower for the wedding party.

Wedding-3Do It Yourself Bouquet Silk Flowers can make beautiful bouquets.

5. Not DIY. 

There are things not to skimp on - Food, Photographs and Entertainment, are the three biggest.  Everything else is an opportunity to stretch your budget a little more.  Have your invitations professionally designed and printed, but do your own escort cards and programs.  Have your bouquets professionally designed and make your own centerpieces (which can double for prizes for fun ceremony games). 


6. Not Leveraging Your Social Circle.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.  Even if your not fulfilling this superstition, there is still something to be gained from it.  Look to your social circle to find items for your wedding.  Admired a friend's veil? Are dying to borrow your sisters shoes?  Maybe the best man also has an amazing car.  Including your social circle in your wedding planning adds beautiful personal touches.  From your grandmother's jewelry  to your niece that can sing, including items and people makes your wedding so much more intimate and unique.


Tell us, what's your biggest budget problem?


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