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Rainbows and Thunderstorms at a Ranch Wedding

July 25, 2015  •  1 Comment

The entire week leading up to this wedding we worried about the weather.  The forecast called for temperatures to be in the triple digits and a nearby wildfire was sending all of it's smoke into the valley.  This sort of weather is miserable for everyone involved; the guests, vendors and the Couple. It's even worse when the ceremony is held in the middle of a grassy field without any sort of shade. Luckily the weather took a turn for the worse ;)

It was hot when the day started, but as soon as the ceremony time started approaching, huge storm clouds began their approach.

Country-Wedding-0056Country-Wedding-0056The groom built the beautiful birch arch.

As the guests arrived it became darker...


and darker as the wedding party arrived...


Lightning started flashing in the distance followed by low rumbles of thunder just as the bride arrived in her horse drawn carriage.


The lightning and thunder picked up during the ceremony but the couple only laughed it off.


The ceremony continued on as the storm approached.  At this point guests started nervously laughing with the couple as the lightning and thunder grew closer.


Then, just as the couple exchanged vows a rainbow formed behind them.


And, no joke, the cows in the field next to us starting making all sorts of noise - and then you could hear them running. The couple started walking down the aisle as Husband and Wife and this strong wind swept through the fields:

Country-Wedding-1168Country-Wedding-1168 Country-Wedding-1170Country-Wedding-1170 Country-Wedding-1172Country-Wedding-1172

Just as they reached the end of aisle it started to rain torrential downpour!


This amazing couple could have cared less.  Instead, like the scene of a movie, the Groom swept the Bride up in a hug and spun around as they kissed in the rain.

Country-Wedding-1175Country-Wedding-1175 Country-Wedding-1177Country-Wedding-1177 Country-Wedding-0391Country-Wedding-0391 All the guests were running for their cars and the wedding party ran into a nearby tent to wait out the rain.



During the storm the caterer's tent blew over (thankfully everything was fine and dinner was only a few minutes late), and three small fires were started on the mountains you see above. The rest of the night it rained on and off but was beautiful.  We were even gifted with more rainbows and an amazing orange sunset!

Country-Wedding-1426Country-Wedding-1426 Full rainbow at ranch wedding. Full RainbowRainbow at a ranch wedding near Reno, Nevada Country-Wedding-0620Country-Wedding-0620 Country-Wedding-0625Country-Wedding-0625

While most brides would worry about this type of weather it often makes for the best memories and photography.  Check out the photos below for some glimpses at the spectacular details and planning that went into this unforgettable wedding.

Country-Wedding-1310Country-Wedding-1310 Country-Wedding-1246Country-Wedding-1246 Country-Wedding-0416Country-Wedding-0416 Country-Wedding-1215Country-Wedding-1215 Country-Wedding-1228Country-Wedding-1228 Country-Wedding-1230Country-Wedding-1230 Country-Wedding-1213Country-Wedding-1213 Country-Wedding-1212Country-Wedding-1212 Country-Wedding-0156Country-Wedding-0156 Country-Wedding-0127Country-Wedding-0127 Country-Wedding-0941Country-Wedding-0941 Country-Wedding-0709Country-Wedding-0709


Susie A. Maxson Lyles(non-registered)
It was a very special wedding and these photographs tell the story. What a crazy, happy, stormy and loving day that will be remembered for years to come!!!!!!
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