OrangeDog Images | Meet the ODI team

martin So, I’m Martin. One part of OrangeDog Images.

A little about myself,

I love living where I live. I spend a lot of my free time out hiking in the desert or mountains with my awesome wife Catie and our little pack of mutts.


I spend a lot of time outdoors, I've hiked the Tahoe Rim Trail, hiked the highest peak in the lower 48, Mt Whitney, hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon via the North Rim Trail and have set foot on just about every trail in the Tahoe Basin.


My music taste varies from Todd Snyder to Iron Maiden to Tony Bennett to Marley. Before every event I’m photographing I turn on Pandora, put on some reggae which puts me in a Irie state.


I picked up my first camera at 8 years of age and haven't stopped shooting since. I discovered a whole new way of looking at things. Now my camera is an extension of my arm and I'm rarely seen without it.


The rush I get when I know I’ve capture the one photograph during a wedding that you know will leave the couple speechless and maybe teary eyed. That's an awesome feeling!

My artistic background has a big influence on how I create my photography today. I love taking time with clients to create bold or unique images that stand out and really tell their story and reflect their character.



My name is Catie, I'm married to Martin, and I am the second shooter for OrangeDog Images.  

I have 3 fur babies; a 2 year old Queensland Heeler named Zoe, a 10 year old Australian Shepherd mix named Sasha, and the 11 year old who-knows-what mix who is the Orange Dog.  He usually answers to Tristan though.
When I'm not busy with weddings and the rest of the business, I'm playing mad scientist in my kitchen.  A few years ago, I started actually reading the ingredients lists for the foods I was buying, and discovered that I didn't actually want to eat most of them!  I started making most of my food from scratch, and learned to love it!  I even make things like lotion and lip balm.
I also love to hike, camp, snowshoe, and generally be outside.  I will travel anywhere, and have done so.  I also read, a lot.  I especially like to read good science fiction novels. IMG_2796IMG_2796